Rules of Play

We have an attorney, and we like her. She thought it would be a good idea to answer some questions in advance, you know, to let you know what to expect. So here you go.


Head on a swivel? Probably not required, but be aware of your surroundings just like on a golf course. Our putting green has a defined edge on it – watch your step. Our simulator has a defined space, but pay attention to when and where someone is swinging that club. 

Shirts? Yes, we require them, but not necessarily the ones with a collar. 

Shoes? Also required. Flip flops are encouraged.

Pants? Not required. But shorts or a skirt are if you forego pants.

Beverages? Yes. Hydration is important. Just be careful where you carry it, try not to spill it, and clean it up (or let us know about it) if you do. We won’t make you use a Koozie, but we might make fun of you if you don’t. (Who likes a lukewarm beverage?) Along those lines. . . .

Alcohol? We don’t serve it. You may bring it provided those with whom you share it are of age to consume it and are responsible indulgers. Remember, you’ll be around swinging clubs, airborne balls, and steps/edges. If enjoyment of the beverages gets out of hand in our eyes, we’ll help you gather your stuff and call it a night with us.

Food? Well, you gotta eat. Sure, you can bring food with you, but again we ask you to be smart about it. Please don’t get your funnel cake with powdered sugar on our putting green, or grip our club at the simulator with barbecue all over your hands.

Fun? EXPECTED. If you can’t tell, we’re pretty laid back about this golf thing and want it to be fun for everyone. Repeat: for everyone. So please be respectful of others using the facility, our employees, and our equipment.

Music? Yes, we like it and we play it. If you’re the type that is stingy with your audio stimulation, we encourage ear buds or headphones.

TV? We have it! In fact, we have 6. Those will be on, too. If you have something you’d like to watch (audience appropriate, of course), then let one of our staff know. We’ll do our best to accommodate.

Reservations? Recommended. We are a social bunch, so please stop in whenever you’re in the area. If you want to ensure you get on the simulator or the putting green, your best bet is to use that swanky scheduling feature on our website. 

Cancellations? We’ll try not to cry or take it personally. We understand schedules and plans can change. If you can give us two hours’ notice before cancelling, we will take it off the books like it never happened. If it’s within two hours of your scheduled time, though, we will have to get to know your credit card. Regardless, we hope that you’ll find a chance to reschedule.

Anything else? Maybe. That's the attorney talking. She said to remind you that our staff has full authority over the facility at all times, so what they say goes. This list isn't meant to cover everything, but to give you a flavor of the kind of business we are. If things come up that aren't on here, we'll handle them.