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Like a kid in a candy store

golf AMPLIFIED was born from a love of golf and technology. When we came across our partners in Full Swing Golf and PuttView, we gladly stuffed our faces, ready to suffer with the cavities soon to follow.

Why full swing golf?

Better question is: who else? Full Swing is the golf simulator used by  Tiger Woods, Jason Day, Jim Furyk, Jordan Spieth, and _____ [your name goes here now; you're keeping pretty good company]. Full Swing features industry-leading camera-based and infrared patented dual tracking technology. You're nodding your head like you get that - good! We had to have it explained to us, and it came down to this: it's the most realistic experience playing golf without actually being on the course. You hit the ball, and it appears as soon as it hits the screen, no lag time. Cameras reset the picture from your exact lie without any blurriness. Basically, it's really satisfying. So if you can't be on the grass, be on our green with Full Swing.  (Hey - we know you're dying to know the courses we have. Understandable. You can dream about those here.)




PuttView? What is that?

We imagine this is what many of you are asking. You know that addictive food you discovered that you now can't keep in your house because you eat every bit of it? That's what PuttView will be to your golf practice once you experience it. PuttView uses augmented reality to visually show you an aim line on the green, no matter where you are standing. Our 7 holes of varying break mean you'll never be bored. You won't be able to get enough of the experience of reading a green, of understanding how speed and break impact your line, of trying to get those 18 putts in a row and finally conquer the Ladder exercise. Oh, we could go on, but no need because you're already booking your appointment now. And for good reason. Be ready to turn your putting practice into a fun experience.

if you've seen one indoor green. . .

Well, it doesn't matter, because you haven't seen ours. This 30 x 20 of Synthetic Turf International green designed and installed by PlayRite will make you do a double-take. The band of rough around the green provides the perfect surface for your chipping practice. And the green--well, let's just say that we won't laugh when you bend down to touch it, just to be sure that it isn't the real thing. The surface provides a true feel and bounce so that your practice translates accurately to your game.